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Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Not Rocket Science

Fulson Drill Site, Arlington, TX
Operated by Chesapeake

One week has passed since the walls came down, and we are still hearing the hum. The hum is waking us up at night, and the hum is causing pain in our heads and eardrums. Since our city was unable to figure out where that noise was coming from, we decided to take a peek for ourselves. This short video allows you to hear it.   This is a generator for spot lights. Why couldn't our city figure this out and correct the nuisance?   It's not rocket science.

Can these new industrial noises be causing health problems in individuals, specifically dizziness? We are hearing many reports of unexplained dizziness from Arlington residents since the onset of urban drilling.   It appears that this 'shale gas syndrome' shares some similarities with  wind turbine syndrome in that exposure to low frequency noise can cause  vibroacoustic disease.
The industry never warned us about all of this.  All they said was that we would never know they were here. 


  1. Arlington is a city that does not protect its citizens. That is ridiculous! I'm sure some of the people living nearby would join you. I can come over there and go door-to-door with you.

    1. I could not agree more. They think that if the decibel levels fall into compliance with the ordinance - which was most likely written by the help of industry - than all is o.k. We should go door to door!

  2. Oh, these are the "portable" generators for the "temporary" activities that only occur for a very short time. It's all just an "inconvenience," as one of your infamous city councilman proclaimed on more than one occasion.

    Lovely how there are always excuses for this industrial activity that appears so wonderful and relaxing in the shale gas ads that run nonstop on any night or day of the week.

    "Reality" must be a bad word in the shale gas dictionary.

    1. Yes, there are many, many "temporary" activities that occur on a short basis. Take drilling, for example, which on average, lasts 21 days and nights. But, hey, what's 21 consecutive days of sleep deprivation due to the drone of the rig and the dropping, banging, and clanging of pipes and men on loudspeakers throughout the night and in the wee hours of the morning. I guess it is only a little inconvenience in exchange for energy independence.

      And those ads make me feel so warm and happy inside.

      I have a feeling the ghose of Meth LeBlanc will live on for a long, long time.

    2. Oops, my apologies for the typos - 'ghost' and 'Mel' When a person loses that many nights of sleep, the mind doesn't function very well.