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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Overcoming Faith About to Get Fracked

Has the oil & gas industry reached an all-time low by coming up with a brand new strategy?  At last night's Arlington, TX City Council Meeting Edge Resources announced that they are the first oil & gas member of a signature program of the Audubon Society International.  (Editor: Really??)

A wildlife inventory will be conducted followed by recommendations on how to reduce environmental impact.  They are proposing to drill on a new site  near Highway 287 and Eden Road which is currently heavily wooded but have proposed to preserve vegetation. 

A pastor of Overcoming Faith Church spoke about how excited he is about the proposed drill site because it will bring in so many jobs to the community.  I wonder if their gas will be supernatural just like Highpoint's?  I am happy that he feels blessed to be on the Barnett Shale.  He is also a fanatic on aesthetics and care of the land.  He said that twice.  Something tells me this preacher man has never seen an active drill site in his life.

A psychiatrist from the adjacent Sundance Hospital and Alzheimer's Facility spoke in opposition stating he did not even hear about this project until this week.  He reasoned that many patients are suicidal or psychotic and come to their facility to experience a serene environment.  A drill site would also hinder their plans for expansion. 

In spite of there being over 60 individuals in favor and only a small handful in opposition, the three women on the Arlington Council -  Sheri Capehart, Kathryn Wilemon, and Lana Wolff had the sensibility to vote 'NO' on approving the newly proposed drill site.  Kudos to the ladies!!  The four men on the council voted unanimously to approve it.  I guess women are just smarter than men at some things.


  1. AMEN! So glad to see that the women on the Arlington,Texas City Council understand cancer and the potential for birth defects from exposing pregnant women and their babies to the poisonous emissions that are spewing out of drill sites all over Arlington.

    Now, if only the Mayor and City Councilmen will have an epiphany, and vote to protect women and children, too.

    1. Fish Creek NeighborFebruary 23, 2012 at 3:44 PM

      Women are usually more intuitive about these sorts of issues. I would hope the Mayor would have his epiphany soon since he is a physician.

  2. Oh, and about "overcoming faith..." ~ I don't understand the name of that church. Why would they want to overcome their faith? One of those definitions is "to deny."

    Actually, maybe that is what they've done to have signed a lease for shale gas drilling? It's very confusing.

    1. Fish Creek NeighborFebruary 23, 2012 at 3:53 PM

      Yes, that is a bit odd to use that word. Here is a scripture straight from the Bible: “In this world ye shall have tribulations, but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). We overcome fear. We overcome hardships. And, we, too, will overcome these frackers.

  3. Overcoming Faith church and school, St Pauls Preparatu Academy has removed my ability to post the upcoming final vote in two weeks for the Special Use Permit to allow drilling. The driller representative told me there was a sign visible to the public about these hearings, but Monday the church secretary (whoever answered the phone) was not aware of this...I'm not sure how many people really know. Be advised if anybody posts on their Facebook sites that may be negative towards their goal of greedy royalties at the expense of public health, you run of risk of losing your posting privileges and so do so at your own caution. Free speech is costly ya know. These are small "c" christians promoting this drilling project....God help their souls on judgement day.

  4. Truly, there is no reason to speak to the operator about any of this. Or even their Facebook sites.

    Churches all across the Barnett Shale have signed shale gas leases. We are still trying to find a church that "hasn't" signed a lease when the opportunity is presented.

    The "problem" is that churches are no different than any other group. They simply have not heard details about the "process" and have been persuaded by the Oil and Gas Industry representatives all along the way that protections are in place and they are helping our country become "energy independent." Throw a big bonus check into the negotiation and the deal is done.

    Energy Independence, Think Again.

    Our local governments, our state governments, our federal agencies, our politicians have all been persuaded by the Oil and Gas Industry ~ an industry that can't stop itself from its newest pursuit of gas and oil no matter who it hurts or what it destroys.