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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Since our home was gassed at two in the morning back in April 2011 due to a large emissions release at the Fulson Drill Site, I thought it might be a good idea to attend the Arlington City Council work session on February 7, 2012 to hear about the fire department's new preparedness effort.

At that meeting Fire Chief Don Crowson presented a proposal to the council whereby they would charge a nominal fee of $2,454 per well x 326 wells totaling $800K.   That cost would cover a half dozen firefighters, monitoring equipment, detectors, protective suits, and some other stuff.  The confusing part came in when he explained that the fee would be significantly reduced when, for instance, we have 1,000 wells permitted.  1,000 Wells????  That's what I call a bulk discount! Yep, that's right.  The total program will still cost $800K. 

The chief also emphasised the City's "Partnership with the industry"  stating that, "They are not our enemy."    Perhaps he is not aware that the industry views drilling opponents as insurgents.   

Arlington City Councilman Mel LeBlanc - who is also  Founder and Managing Partner of Shale Play Advisors, LLC -  seemed uneasy about these fees saying that he "doesn't have a feeling from industry experts and wants their perspective first" and suggested that, "we get industry feedback  getting three or four of those companies to critique this."  Gee, I don't see any conflicts of interest here - do you?   

And finally, Chief Crowson emphasized how "we are not trying to regulate the industry."  Since when did it become taboo to regulate such a potentially dangerous industry operating mere yards from homes, schools, and public spaces which has the capability of blowing up an entire neighborhood?   Let's hope that never happens. 


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    1. Thanks! Did you scroll over your councilman's name and click to his new web page?

    2. Looks as if Mel LeBlanc has officially resigned as of noon today.

      Mel LeBlanc to resign according to the Fort Worth Star Telegram

      I guess Mr. LeBlanc can get the industry's opinion all the time, now. Kind of think they'll drop him. He seems to be out of touch with reality so that may take some time to sink in for him.

      Love the Fish Creek Monitor! Looking forward to more stories.

    3. It is interesting to note how his resignation is attributed to the drug issue when his affiliation to Shale Play Advisors is equally as troublesome.

  2. I posted a comment yesterday but I guess it got lost in the either. I can't wait to see who replaces Mel. You can bet CHK is burning up the phone line right now trying to weigh in on that.

    1. Michael Becknal, a 47 year old financial analyst who works at JPS has filed to run for that seat.

  3. So, where has the Shale Play Advisors gone (the link now shows that Mel LeBlanc's site is gone but under "construction."?)

    It clearly got too hot in the gas patch for the now-resigned, shale gas councilman.