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Friday, March 23, 2012

Arlington Citizen-Journal "News Flash"

The Arlington Citizen-Journal has been covering the status of the Overcoming Faith Drill Site, which is proposed to be located in the Tierra Verde Master Plan.  The March 21st "News Flash" (paper edition) reads, "Last month the council gave initial approval for the permit, then tabled it for additional research." 

Clarification:  This first stage is not approval of a gas drilling permit ~ it is approval of an ordinance/zoning request for a specific use which will allow heavy industrial mining operations.  Edge does not have approval for a drilling permit ~  not yet anyway.   See the gas well permitting process:
The news flash also reads, "The council has never approved a drilling request for that section of southwest Arlington." Is that a typo? Look at this Arlington gas drilling map and count the drill sites in that vicinity.

Do we really need one more? 

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  1. Thank you, Fishcreek Monitor, for clarifying this issue. It's too important an issue for a print publication owned by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to get it wrong.