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Monday, March 12, 2012

A Commentary on Frac Fluids

Poolish - n. a mixture of flour and water with a little yeast; used to make some forms of dough

Hydraulic Fracturing - v. a process where a mixture of water, sand, and proprietary chemicals are injected into rock formations causing them to fracture to allow gas to flow out.

Fracking Insurgent -  n. For the complete recipe, click HERE.

What do you think - toxic or not?


  1. One thing is for certain ~ the DoughBoys are bullies and have done a lot to harm our communities for many decades to come. Oh, and since the date of this video...late 2010, they debunked their own rhetoric with their attempt at "transparency" with FracFocus.

    Funny, how being transparent doesn't make any of this better. It simply proves that they (the shale gas industry) needed to tell the truth...and they (the shale gas industry) still deny there's any harm from any of it. {{unbelievable!!!}}

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