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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Good Grief!

It appears that yesterday's gusty winds blew over the newly planted trees at the Fulson Drill Site in Arlington, Texas.  What a shame because we really love trees.

Trees are wonderful. We have all observed their beauty. In childhood we climbed them.  As adults we lie in hammocks beneath their shade.  Trees provide food and shelter for wildlife.  They cool and cleanse the air.  At this location, they will serve as screens to hide all the ugliness that goes on at that drill site. Nothing in this world is more serene than strolling through a grove a trees. 

As Charlie Brown said, "I've killed it.  Oh, everything I touch gets ruined!"


  1. What?? Those look like some expensive trees!!

  2. Makes me wonder if they dug the holes deep enough for those trees?

  3. To everything, a season...and the proper time to plant a tree is in the spring or fall. The summer heat will stress a tree to the point where it may not thrive ~ especially in the Texas brutal heat. In addition, a newly planted tree should be watered and staked to avoid what happened this weekend.

    This bizarre weather pattern also brings to light another issue - that of climate change. How often do we experience high winds like this during July? Just look around the globe for evidence of this.

    1. regarding climate change,!

  4. Im surprised their not plastic.