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Sunday, September 23, 2012

No Tender Elderly Care Here

When a city council scrutinizes an applicant over a zoning change for an assisted living home in a community which  provides care to the elderly, yet swiftly votes in more gas well permits to big industry with NO questions asked, is it safe to assume that city is lost?  In good faith this applicant complied with both City and State requirements.  They did not, however, present the City with a bonus check which is probably where they went wrong.  Here is the Tuesday, September 18, 2012 Arlington, TX public hearing for Special Use Permit SUP 12-7 for Tender Elderly Care:

Now scroll ahead approximately 36 minutes, fasten your seatbelts, and  prepare for lift off on this scary ride:
  • Truman Drill  Site Gas well permit GW12-5 for Bobcat 2H well (Right in the heart of Arlington's Entertainment District.)
  • Bruder Drill Site Gas well permits GW12-3 & GW12-4 for the Captain TRT2H and Planet TRT2H wells.

Which is a more desirable amenity for the community where you live? 
  •  An assisted living home which cares for the needs of the elderly (who may have been long-term citizens of the community) and can no longer care for themselves yet prefer a home-like environment rather than living out their final years in an institution.

We are deeply saddened that our elected officials have lost their way.


  1. is a video of some clips of the Arlington Tomorow Foundation meeting that was announced at the end of this meeting where BenZene greeted the "blood money" applicants of this money fund from drilling revenues.

  2. It was extremely ironic the council was concerned about how many people/sq ft in the house. Yet, they have no problem approving the Center Court Apartments, far below the city standard for sq footage.

    1. That's a good point. Appearing to be publicly "tough" on assisted living homes is a good cover. The Arlington Tomorrow Fund was a brilliant creation. It surely keeps the well-known nonprofits feeding from the gas drilling trough and totally silent about the obvious public health crisis in progress.

      Take a look at the Minutes from June 20, 2012 "Tomorrow Foundation" Meeting. It's clear why there is mostly silence from those who truly "care" for the needs of the Arlington community.

      June 20, 2012 Arlington Tomorrow Foundation Minutes