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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pipeline Men

The Barnett Shale:  Southeast Arlington, TX USA
Preparing the Gas Gathering Pipelines 11/15/2012


  1. And how do we know who these men are who have so much access to our neighborhoods by day and by night? We know they are working at night...while we are trying to sleep. Life in the shale gas suburbs has been redefined forever.

  2. I observed a young father carrying in his arms a newborn baby as he gazed upon the massive pipelines and the men working on them. Wonder what he was thinking. It was sobering.

  3. Heavy traffic and people living in such close proximity to all of this on Camp Wisdom Road! How many have been told to stay indoors? Aren't these pipeline men wearing masks? Good to see that. But are there any "CAUTION" or "DANGER" signs anywhere?

    Knowing what happened two years ago not too far from this location...with the "pig flying" through a house that was 500 feet away? Seems that alone would create some sense of concern for all of this from the nearby neighbors...and the young father carrying that baby so close to this gas drilling activity ~ it's all very surreal.

    Pipeline Pig Crashes Through Grand Prairie, TX Home