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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Industrial Terrorism - Our Children's Future?

Dropping off your child to school and seeing a gas drilling rig in the backdrop will make any parent's heart sink - particularly for those who know what we know.  

We recently listened to Dr. Theo Colborn, Environmental Health Analyst,  read a letter she wrote to President Obama about how chemicals in our environment affect our children's health.  Some of  these chemicals are by-products of the fossil fuel industry. 

Click Here to listen to Dr. Colborn's letter to the President.  In this video she states that her college-aged grandson sums it up well by noting that "this is nothing more than industrial terrorism in the womb."
So we must ask the question:  Why is this XTO gas drill site sandwiched between an elementary school and a community college and in very close proximity to several other public schools including two junior highs? 

Look inside the red circle.
The purple marker represents the location of the Sue Barnett Gas Drill Site.
The blue marker to its immediate left is Beckham Elementary School.
The blue marker to its immediate right is Tarrant County Junior College.
Blue marker #1 is Barnett Junior High School (remember the Barnett Sinkhole?)
O.K., you get the rest...

Sue Barnett Gas Drill Site located at 1901 S.E. Parkway, Arlington, TX
Operator:  XTO Energy 
December 19, 2012

  Environmental catastrophe in the making 12/19/12

Shale Gas operators have taken over Arlington, yet our City won't zone these sites as 'Industrial.'

   Y'all come back.

Office space available.  Seems to be a trend around here.


  1. Very concerning how close the drill site is to that barn - and the horse standing there. Wonder how many other animals are out on that property.

    Good photo angle . . . capturing the happy little welcome sign in the foreground . . . a stark contrast to the reality behind it.

  2. It's ironic,isn't it? We raise money and work so hard to fight CANCER and yet our state(s) and country are engaged in an all-out war on our communities with this insane shale gas development.

    It's "Industrial" Development that they try so hard to dismiss as in any way related to cancer-causing activities. We know better. It's just common sense. What is NOT common sense is for our cities and our state(s) to believe that we don't understand that placing heavy, industrial activity at our front doors and in our Breathing Spaces ~ the "Airsheds" that are surrounding us ~ that this is with any stretch of the imagination...SAFE. God.Help.Us.

  3. Pa's governor Corbett is the worst when it comes to fracking. (Not meaning to compete against Texas, though!) :-) :-(