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Friday, February 1, 2013

Tremor Hotline

Fortunately, our gas well coordinator has this covered.  If you live in Arlington and feel the earth move, please contact Collin Gregory, Gas Well Coordinator, with the City of Arlington, Texas.  Mr. Gregory will track these tremors and look for patterns.  Then he will either hire an outside firm or rent equipment to determine the cause of this seismicity.  Please include the date, time, and what you felt:

Collin Gregory, Gas Well Coordinator

State Farm insurance also has you covered.  In light of all the fracking earthquakes, they are urging residents to purchase earthquake insurance.  

Fuel Fix writes,   

"Earthquakes in the Tarrant and Johnson counties of Texas have become more common during the past four years.
According to the earthquake database, those counties have seen roughly 30 earthquakes in the past four years, but before 2008, the area didn’t see a single earthquake."

Click here for the full article, North Texas Rocked by 11 Earthquakes in 40 Days.

For more in-depth information, read Seismicity in the Oil Field.

Thank you, Collin for tracking these earth movements.   The Fish Creek Monitor dedicates this song to you:


  1. Good post (and graphic), Fish Creek Neighbor!

    Now how many tremor reports will the city require before hiring the firm and equipment?

    Did not know SF is encouraging EQ insurance.

    Yes indeed, the Barnett Shale is POWERING PROGRESS!

    1. Thank you RRCreporter.

      Yes, SF is encouraging EQ insurance. Premiums in Texas are high enough as it is, so fracking places an addition burden on homeowners.

      As we know our City cannot do anything about these tremors aside from banning fracking, which they are not ready to do. Banning fracking would be admitting that they made a big mistake, and Texas pride will not bend. As we increase the build out of wells, we will most likely see an increase in tremors ~ maybe even earthquakes.

  2. As has often been said, the Stone Age didn't end for lack of stones. And likewise, when the Fossil Fuel Age ends it won't be for lack of oli and gas. We know there are better ways to obtain energy...ways that don't cause earthquakes, land grabs, toxic emissions, dangerous pipelines crisscrossing our neighborhoods and the permanent removal of so much water from our water cycle. Praying for real PROGRESS for North Texas.

  3. North Texas is sorely lacking in progressively minded people. Is this not the root of the problem ~ people blindly buying in to this modern gold rush without any thought to its consequences? Here is an interesting article published in 2009, but still applicable today:

    1. And so, as the world turns, it does so around the only thing that really matters to most: MONEY (you know, that "ton of revenue") - and everything else be damned.