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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Suburban Murals or Plain Brown Wrappers?

There's been recent debate as to whether or not murals might enhance the scenery of our industrialized landscape now dotted with gas drill sites - over 55 of them in Arlington, Texas alone!   It begs the question ~  Do we put the lipstick on the pig, or do we continue to try to stop the build out of more wells?  

Coincidentally, this art work came across our Twitter feed around the time of this discussion.  How appropriate would this look on those ugly masonry walls!  Instead of a plain brown wrapper, it'll show what's really lurking inside.   The FDA requires labeling of our food products ~ perhaps the EPA should mandate labeling of these suburban mining sites.


  1. So true. Fencing and masonry walls should come with easily accessible label warnings. This one is especially eye-catching and will certainly get attention as to the dangers lurking behind those fences and walls.

  2. Yes, they need warning labels just like cigarettes do!

    In case you missed it, follow the twitter link above to see the blog story and amazing photos of massive water usage during our epic drought in the summer of 2011. Thank you Westchester for collaborating with us on that story. It was a doozy of a summer!

  3. That is one powerful mural that says it all.