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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pick Pikulinski for Mayor of Arlington, Texas

Early voting is Monday April 29 through Tuesday May 7, 2013.
Election Day is Saturday, May 11, 2013

Together we can and will:

  • Improve the City's management of gas well LOCATIONS especially in residential areas.
  • Re-focus our funding priorities in street repairs and maintenance projects.
  • Give residents a stronger voice at City Council meetings. 
  • Control and reduce "pack & stack" high-density mixed-use housing.
  • Reach out to community and small business groups for planning and zoning priorities.
  • Reduce the rising cost of fees with water, trash and other city services.
  • Ensure public safety by building stronger neighborhood communities.

This is raw footage of the City of Arlington under Mayor Cluck's leadership.  
Is this the kind of place to live and raise a family?

Thank you for voting! 

Click here to view early voting times and locations.
Click here to view May 11th polling locations. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Arbor Day 2013: The Third Planting


For Arbor day we are featuring photos of the third planting of trees at the Fulson Gas Drill Site.
The first two plantings died.  Third time's the charm!

Meet Cassie.  She works her magic transforming drill sites into park-like settings. 

In commemoration of Julius Sterling Morton, we hope you will begin to appreciate the importance of trees.  We do.
We'd like to hug one if they ever grow large enough!

And psst...Chesapeake ~ trees need care after they are planted.  The gas drilling ordinance neglected to state that.  Looks like we need  an amendment.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

West, TX Fertilizer Plant: A Man-Made Disaster

“We essentially have a free-for-all in the United States for dangerous factories and producers of these kinds of explosive chemicals. They can build them anywhere they want -- right next to a hospital, a nursing home, a school, and there’s no controls at all.” ~ Investigative reporter David Lindorff

To read the full story,  "Texas Fertilizer plant flew under Department of Homeland Security radar" click HERE.

(Reuters) - The fertilizer plant that exploded on Wednesday, obliterating part of a small Texas town and killing at least 14 people, had last year been storing 1,350 times the amount of ammonium nitrate that would normally trigger safety oversight by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

To read the full story, "Texas fertilizer company didn't heed disclosure rules before blast"  Click  HERE .

Citizens deserve answers.  Why was West Fertilizer Company storing 270 tons of explosive ammonium nitrate at a facility in close proximity to a community, and how will we prevent future needless catastrophes like this one?  We hope the State of Texas will provide mental health services for the victims of this horrific tragedy.

PRAYERS of HEALING and PEACE for the victims of West, AND protection for everyone living in close proximity to dangerous industrial activity.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pluck Cluck. Pick Pikulinski for Arlington, Texas Mayor

  It was a pretty day on Saturday.  After our Fish Creek Community Garden gathering, some neighbors set out on a block walk  because the local elections are just around the corner.  Many people were out in their front yards, so we had the opportunity to meet and talk with a bunch of residents and listen to their concerns.  We learned that public opinion is one hundred percent unanimous on the gas drilling issue ~ citizens are disgusted with the industrialization of their residential neighborhoods. 

There are quite a few homes up for sale ~ several back up to the Fulson Drill Site.  Hmmm...  

One mother in the gas patch shared her story.  After the drilling frenzy began in southeast Arlington,  her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia.  She was so ill that she missed the entire 8th grade while undergoing treatment.  The mom believes that the drilling activity was responsible for her daughter's illness, and she also complained about frequent gas odors on her property.  While the doctor did not definitively confirm that the drilling activity caused the disease,  he did not deny it either.  Fortunately, her daughter is in remission now,  but she shared that other neighbors in the area are also suffering health issues. 
These types of stories seem to be commonplace in the gas patch.  Approximately two years ago we met a middle-aged man who was diagnosed with terminal bone marrow cancer.  At that time, he lived in close proximity to the Fulson Drill Site.  His doctor asked if he had been exposed to benzeneIf anyone in the Fish Creek Neighborhood has an update on this gentleman,  please contact us via e-mail. 

During the early part of 2013 we met a young widower  who lives next to the Rocking Horse drill site.  His wife passed away suddenly after Chesapeake drilled a well a little over 400 feet from their back door.  

People purchase homes in  residential neighborhoods because they expect to enjoy a good quality of life.   If they wanted to live in an industrial zone, they  would have purchased a home in an industrial zone.  Now ALL Arlington, TX homeowners are at risk because their communities can be turned into drilling zones at any given moment.  This is  now possible because on October 23, 2007 the Arlington, TX City Council  changed the zoning ordinance to allow gas drilling in residential neighborhoods.  When you link over to that blog post, notice that Mayor Cluck was absent that night, and  District 3 Councilman Robert Rivera seconded the motion to approve this monumental change that would transform our city into a gas mining town dotted with drill sites, compressor stations, and dangerous gas pipelines transporting UNodorized gas past our homes, schools, and parks.

There is hope.  Election day is May 11th.  We desperately need to stop the build out of gas wells and revise the City's gas drilling ordinance.  Jerry Pikulinski is committed to doing just that.  He understands community development and zoning priorities  ~ something our officials of local municipalities make decisions about on a regular basis.  If elected, he will also ensure public safety and build strong community while giving every citizen a voice. 

Click HERE to check out Jerry Pikulinski's Facebook page. 

for Arlington, TX Mayor!!  

For voting information, click HERE.