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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pick Pikulinski for Mayor of Arlington, Texas

Early voting is Monday April 29 through Tuesday May 7, 2013.
Election Day is Saturday, May 11, 2013

Together we can and will:

  • Improve the City's management of gas well LOCATIONS especially in residential areas.
  • Re-focus our funding priorities in street repairs and maintenance projects.
  • Give residents a stronger voice at City Council meetings. 
  • Control and reduce "pack & stack" high-density mixed-use housing.
  • Reach out to community and small business groups for planning and zoning priorities.
  • Reduce the rising cost of fees with water, trash and other city services.
  • Ensure public safety by building stronger neighborhood communities.

This is raw footage of the City of Arlington under Mayor Cluck's leadership.  
Is this the kind of place to live and raise a family?

Thank you for voting! 

Click here to view early voting times and locations.
Click here to view May 11th polling locations. 


  1. Vote Jerry Pikulinski for an improved Arlington.

  2. We need change with several city council members who are keen on bringing Arlington down and do not care about safe neighborhoods for us and our children to live in.

  3. One of the candidates running for Arlington Mayor this upcoming election in May is "Jerry" Pikulinski who happens to be one of our neighbors adjoining our Crime Watch Area, and lives in The Oaks. In the past Jerry has worked with us on some issues in our area. About a year or so; ago, when we had our big group meeting with Chesapeake Gas Company over our gas leases, it was Jerry who stood up, and was the Moderator and Spokesman for us. At our last Crime Watch Meeting on 28-February-2013; Jerry, along with our city council man, Charlie Parker who represents our area, were there to field our questions, and give us answers we wanted to know.