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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Veridian: The New Urbanism

Arlington, Texas is home to Veridian, a 2,300 acre master-planned community.  Its green, sustainable urban environment has amenities including 1,100 acres of protected wetlands, 20 miles of trails along the Trinity River, and  lakes.  In addition to enjoying parks and natural areas, It has offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, and churches.  Home prices range from $200,000 - $2 million.  The Huffines team makes it possible to live, work,  play, and worship in one eco-friendly community.

On Wednesday, May 15th at 5:30 Planning and Zoning will hear Veridian Zoning Case PD-07-5R3.  This  involves an amendment to the Paseo Homesites.  The original design included a nine foot separation between homes.  The new plan reduces the separation to seven feet and fails to meet  fire code's requirement of a sprinkler system.   
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In Arlington, Texas even exclusive communities are not exempt from gas drilling!!!

Word has it that Sam Ware of Lazarus Property Corporation sold this land to Donald and Phillip Huffines [minus the mineral rights] back in 2007. According to an article in the Dallas Business Journal dated November 19, 2006 titled "Gas Trumps Houses for Sam Ware", it states,   In 2003, he formed an entity to explore Barnett Shale opportunities, calling it WHTGH LP -- an acronym for "We hope there's gas here."   
Two operators ~ OPS Group Limited, and Range Production Company ~ drilled a total of three wells on that pad site, known as the LOBF (Lakes of Birds Fort) Boot Unit.  According to the Railroad Commission of Texas, they came up as dry holes and were plugged.  Since no production paperwork is available, there is no way to know if these wells were perfed or fracked or what chemicals were used in the process.  God help us.


Here is the Veridian video clip from the May 15, 2013 City of Arlington, Texas Planning and Zoning hearing:
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Did we mention that landfill across the street?  When the breeze shifted, we smelled a strong odor of rotting garbage. People really need to do research before purchasing a home.  It's one the most important investments we make in our lifetime.


  1. These properties ought to carry a bargain price tag since there is a landfill next door. It's pretty stinky when that breeze blows in your direction.


  3. Found this conversation on the City Data Forum: