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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Go Frac Off! *UPDATE*

Earlier today while pulling out the parking lot of our local neighborhood Walgreens in southeast Arlington, a convoy of strange looking trucks saying "GoFrac" paraded past us.  One of the children captured this image from the back seat.

These big rigs should not be allowed on New York Avenue.  This is a residential area, and these trucks are tearing up our roads.  We would like to know where the frac they were headed.  Is this the gas industry's new mode of advertising? 


We contacted GoFrac to inquire about their current activity in Arlington.  Their receptionist stated they were working a frac job at the Sue Barnett Drill Site operated by XTO.   We also spoke with an employee from Barnett Gathering, a subsidiary of XTO, who confirmed that they were completing the well.   Seems their drivers violated the transportation route according to the drill site permit stipulations:

Where is the enforcement???


  1. Sharon Sims-BelvinJune 17, 2013 at 6:40 PM

    A few months ago waste water trucks were beating a path down Little Rd.(a small 2 lane residential street)right in front of my kids Elem. School during a school zone! After several days of watching them while waiting to pick my kids up from school, I walked over to the sidewalk and snapped a few pictures of the truck with the school zone sign flashing right beside it. They were supposed to be routed down Green Oaks Blvd. and after taking the photos....that's the way they started going!

    1. Gas drill sites have rules for designated truck routes along with allowable times of travel. It is highly doubtful they are allowed to haul Toxic Fluids past your child's school during drop off and pick up times. Hope you captured that truck number in your pic along with the date and time! We appreciate your diligence. Keep up the good work!

    2. There are $$$FINES$$$ for that according to the Gas Drilling Ordinances. They are in our neighborhoods and we should all report these kinds of egregious violations to the City Manager. And get the word out, too.