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Thursday, October 17, 2013

XTO Loses at Arlington City Hall

Eden Southwest Gas Drill Site Operated by XTO Energy
Tuesday was a really bad night for Walter Dueease, Regulatory Affairs Manager of XTO Energy.  This Exxon Mobil subsidiary lost their zoning request by a unanimous vote of 9-0 at Arlington, Texas City Hall.  They had hoped to expand their 5.4 acre Eden Southwest drill site with an adjacent 6.3 acre tract in order to set up a temporary above-ground frac pool while keeping the existing frac pond that is at this location.

During last month's Planning and Zoning meeting Chairman, David McGlaun, and Vice-Chairman, Clete McAlister, opposed this request. 

Even Councilwoman, Sheri Capehart, who expressed during the earlier afternoon session that she thought these frac pools were a great idea, suddenly changed her mind and made the motion to deny XTO's request. 

As long-time Arlington resident Kimberly Franklin succinctly states, "One point eight million gallons of fluid 200 feet from homes in a temporary container is a bad idea."  She hit the ball out of the park with her speech Tuesday night.  We encourage you to listen to all the speeches as everyone did a fantastic job.  Kimberly was the first of ten speakers.

This request was a terrible idea.  Fracking is not just about the water.  This is HEAVY INDUSTRIAL MINING inside our residential communities.  

As more people witness middle-class suburbia turn into sprawling industrial zones, opposition to gas drilling grows in Arlington and its surrounding cities.  A good showing of citizens came prepared to speak.  Here is that video clip.  Watch this monumental moment in gas drilling history where Arlington City Council votes UNANIMOUSLY in OPPOSITION to XTO's request. 

October 15, 2013 Arlington, Texas City Council Meeting

Now, this is the kind of dancing the people love to see. 

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  1. I must have gotten too close to the mic?... as my testamony of facts abut our loopholed ordinance is hard to hear.

  2. Just re-watched this video....clearly, from this discussion with Sheri Capehart, XTO wanted to install this FRAC Pool so that they could conduct fracking operations in the surrounding area and have TWO sources of water for other drill sites.

    This SUP had nothing to do with fracking operations at this drill site. Funny, how Mr. Dueease never stated it quite that way and kept referring back to the existing wells with his request. Seems the Council realized that while they questioned him but without 10 people showing up to question the SUP...there would not have been any questioning.

    Bravo to the residents who spoke up loud and clear about this smoke screen. This was superb and an example for all of us living in North Texas.

    Motion DENIED unanimously. Thank you, Arlington, TX!

  3. Has this industry EVER been forthright with our communities?

    Thank you for the compliment and your attention to detail. It is a relief to know that someone is actually paying attention and carefully studying this issue.

    We pray that our "Home Rule" North Texas Cities will ban the practice of injecting precious water and dangerous chemicals into our earth and under our homes and schools or we are about to experience another Love Canal on a much grander scale. We hope it's not already too late...