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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Double Dipping

We hear that Chesapeake may be double-dipping:
"Chesapeake Energy improperly deducted expenses from royalty payments and violated other terms of its drilling lease with a prominent Fort Worth family, a state appeals court ruled this week in one of several such suits working their way through the legal system." 
To read full article written by Jim Fuquay of the Star Telegram, click here.
Many people are under the impression that cities, school districts, and prominent families are the only ones with the ability to file lawsuits against big Oil and Gas companies.  This is not true.  

Currently, McDonald Law Firm in Fort Worth is representing plaintiffs in contingency cases involving underpayment of royalties. This is NOT a class-action lawsuit.  Individual mineral owners will be POOLED into units.  We like to think of it as a gas drilling signing party in reverse.

So, why not join the party while there's still time by contacting Jill Moore of McDonald Law Firm.  Her phone number is (817) 717-5081.  Their attorneys will need to review the specific language in your lease to determine whether or not you have a solid case.   We're confident that the Fish Creek Neighbors have a strong case since we have one of the best leases in town. 

And, remember, when you go to a party, don't double dip the chips.  It'll get you into trouble every time. 

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