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Friday, January 9, 2015

Bad Form

It's bad business practice to announce a public meeting and then, upon arrival, redirect your guests to a new meeting place clear across town on a cold, winter night.  That's what Enervest did on January 5th.  

One of our activist friends remarked in a tweet, "Mama would call this Bad Form."  

Here is that public meeting announcement:
(Note:  Meeting is rescheduled for January 19th.  Enervest will mail a personal invitation to all property owners within 600 feet and neighborhood associations within one mile.)

Ironically, the purpose of this meeting was to discuss the City's updated ordinance which requires the establishment of the drill zone because industry is known for changing surface locations in order to access minerals.  That may work fine in rural areas where there is a lot of open space, but it just doesn't work well in city limits.  

Fracking doesn't work in city limits.   

We hope they don't suck as badly at fracking as they do in setting up meetings, but it's not looking hopeful.  We've seen the gas buster.  Here's how they roll in Denton, TX:

Video by Earthworks

In case you're wondering who will receive royalties from the Rolling Hills 9H well, (if approved) here is a highlight of some of the lessors from the 76-page Railroad Commission of Texas P-12:

Southwest Olshan Foundation Repair Co., LLC
Rolling Hills
Chesapeake Royalty, LLC
City of Arlington
Arlington ISD
Barbara J. Nash
Sanctuary Ventures III LP
WDIC/Hi-Life Properties Joint Venture
Moritz Interest LTD
Texas Health Resources
Foster Fish Creek Properties
Criswell Center Biblical Studies
Pebblebrook Village Condominium
The Dallas Foundation (36.945 acres)

If the North Texas Quakeswarm continues ~ and we have solid reasons to believe it will ~ there will be a higher participation rate at future public meetings and local elections.  When houses come crumblin' down, people get motivated.   

Oh, and we understand a developer has plans to construct new homes near the Rolling Hills Drill Site very soon.  That's also bad form.