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Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Fort Worth Earthwake

For some reason this particular earthquake notification from USGS did not arrive in our inbox.  Weird.  It did appear across our Twitter feed from DFW Scanner and other news sources.  It was a big one, and many in Fort Worth felt it.

Here's the USGS link:  M3.0 - 2km NNE of Haslet

Lots of fracking near Haslet!

Railroad Commission of Texas GIS map of oil and gas wells as of 11/17/2015

(Reference key is on the left.  Each black line represents a horizontal well bore.  Red Circles without black lines indicate vertical wells.) 

Shortly after tweeting this map, we wanted to research some of these wells, but they disappeared from the website.  Perhaps it was a glitch.  It is working now.  

Time will tell if this earthquake was an isolated incident, or whether a known or unknown fault has been awakened.  We are not sure how it can be put back to sleep once it wakes up.  An ungodly amount of fluid has been injected AND extracted beneath this region of North Texas.  

Icymi Read this Wall Street Journal article written by Russell Gold circa 2005: