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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Will Roxanne put on the red light in District 3?

During the city council meeting on November 29, 2016 Rivera Rivera announced with tears in his eyes that he would not seek re-election.  A few hours later a young single mother came virtually out of nowhere to announce her plan to run for Arlington City Council District 3.  Her name is Roxanne Thalman.  People in our community had never heard of her, except for the buzz around town concerning a so-called skeleton in this woman's closet. 

Last week outside the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum a married couple stood quietly across the street protesting outside the Lions Club. They claimed that Ms. Thalman wrecked their lives. Their story is absolutely gut wrenching.

We will not speak to that incident at this time, but can show you the money because elected officials tend to represent those who support them financially. That's just Politics 101. To date, over 90% nearly 99% of Ms. Thalman's campaign contributions have come from outside District 3. Click Here for the link to the campaign finance reports.

We've highlighted one donor who piqued our curiosity. His name is Jagdip Patel, and he contributed $1001 on March 16th to the Roxanne Thalman campaign. According to TAD records, he owns a home in Southlake with a market value of $1,453,875.  These records also reveal that this individual owns substantial mineral interests with XTO in Arlington. This begs the question ~ whose side will Roxanne be on when the gas drilling ramps up again? It has been our experience that surface owners ie, people who live on top of the shale have no rights when it comes to protecting their homes and quality of life. Unfortunately, many people who own their minerals don't live here, which is why there has been such a loud outcry against oil and gas rules currently in place.  

According to Corporation Wiki, Mr. Patel has been associated with 25 companies over a 23-year period.  Records show that he is involved with the hotels industry which would probably connect him to the entertainment district of Arlington where a new one billion dollar stadium will be built on the taxpayers' dime. In light of this we especially need a candidate who's going to go to bat for residents who actually live on the southeast side where there are telltale signs of urban decay, increasing crime, and the sight of panhandlers who beg for money at major intersections.  

A generous portion of Ms. Thalman's money comes from the same individuals and groups that have been funding the incumbants.  So, while everyone continues to rant about voting out the incumbants, we have our chance to do so now before she gets elected.  Roxanne's campaign flyers claim that she will fight for us, but it's looking like her heart belongs to someone else.  Don't let her pretty little face and the powder blue signs around town fool you. She's bought and paid for ~ nothing but a rubber stamp.  

"Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light" are the lyrics to a hit song released in 1978 by a group called The Police.  This is a song about falling in love with a prostitute, and can be allegorically reminiscent of many political campaigns throughout history.  Let's hope we turn this ship around before it's too late.  

Early voting begins April 24th.  Election Day is May 6th.