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Friday, March 30, 2012

Overcoming Faith and the Little Children

Mansfield gas release March 23, 2012 Fort Worth Star Telegram photograph Arlington Fire Department
Two mansfield schools go into lockdown mode as incident occurs at 7:44 a.m. 

On Tuesday, April 3rd Arlington, TX City Council will take a final crucial vote on a controversial ordinance change which will allow Overcoming Faith Drill Site to be permitted at Village on the Green at Tierra Verde.  The vision for this overlay is to maintain a village-like atmosphere and rural character.  Commitment to that vision is being jeopardized, and children may be placed in harm's way if this ordinance change is approved.  Click HERE to view agenda details. 

The proposed Overcoming Faith Drill Site brings to the table many complex issues.   A big problem exists as its close proximity to RF Patterson Elementary School in Kennedale lies a mere 1,875 feet to the northeast (less than 1/2 mile).  This public school educates young children in grades K-4.  Imagine dropping off your son or daughter to school unaware of the dangerous chemicals they may get exposed to on the playground during recess because of a nearby drill site.  Since Arlington still does not make available to its citizens a gas drilling status report, it would be difficult to obtain specific activity information for any given location. 

A Kennedale school official indicated that he did not receive notification about this ordinance change and added that he would not be in favor of this drill site if it will be a detriment to the kids. 

We believe it will be a detriment to the children, and here are just a few of the reasons why: (click on the links below.)
"Middle class schools in Denton and Tarrant get drilled and fracked more"
"New research on the air quality around natural gas wells provides additional evidence and controversy about the possible health effects from hydraulic fracturing or "fracking." In Colorado, scientists found that fracking wells emit potentially toxic hydrocarbons into the air."
"Cancer rates in Barnett Shale climb, residents want answers why"

 "We know that the toxic compounds travel farther than 1/2 mile. In Argyle – Bartonville, the community did baseline testing when drilling was just starting. The results showed 7 detects of the 84 chemicals TCEQ routinely tests for. Follow up testing, on the lot where the high school band practices–1/2 mile from the offending facility–showed 65 detects. We have asked many scientists to explain the increased risks when our children go from breathing 7 chemicals to breathing a cocktail of 65 different chemicals. None can explain that risk because that science has not happened yet."
How could we as a society allow the greed of mankind to transform our once beautiful communities into industrial zones?   Very few people would choose to live next door to industry or deliberately place our children in harm's way.  It is with heavy hearts that parents across North Texas plead with lawmakers to stop this dangerous activity in our backyards before it's too late.   Amen.


  1. Also there are tuition paying parents for their precious children that are even closer "downwind" at St Pauls Prepatory Academy located 1,101 feet from the proposed padsite inside the Overcoming Faith church. What is wrong with our planning and zoning board that approved this? I guess their Bible is the statement made in the gas drilling ordinance draft last year that with the exception of the Highlands....all other real estate's highest and best use is for gas drilling. They have already torn down two apartments for the purpose of drilling near Washington Drive in north Arlington. If the price of natural gas goes up...what will they tear down next and build close to YOU?

    1. Only one person on the planning and zoning board voted 'no', and she was Susanne Key. Seems like she is the only one on that board with common sense. Oh, and Charla Hawkes Vinyard, the one who's running for the At-Large City Council seat seconded the motion to vote in favor of placing a filthy, ugly drill site in an overlay that was to have beautiful integrity. I hope people remember all of this during the upcoming election.

  2. Replies
    1. After the public hearing where it narrowly passed by a vote of 4-3, it appeared on the consent agenda. Whaaa?? Fortunately, it was removed from the consent agenda after that little procedural error, and it has remained tabled.