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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Overcoming Faith Tabled - Stay Tuned

Yesterday Arlington, TX City Council decided to keep Specific Use Permit SUP 11-13 (Overcoming Faith Drill Site - 4700 Eden Road) tabled.

Perhaps Edge Resources is not finished tagging the wildlife and completing the inventory of trees and vegetation that will be lost if that drill site is permitted.  As you may recall, Aubudon International accepted Edge into their Signature Program which is quite confusing.  Make no mistake ~ wildlife, vegetation, and human life cannot co-exist alongside horizontal, slickwater hydrofracking. 


  1. During the permit meeting for the Overcoming Faith Drill Site I noticed that the driller had joined the Audubon International Signature Program. One councilmember asked what it required to be a Signature Partner and I thought the answer was vague and incomplete. I made an inquiry with Audubon International (see below)
    I was motivated to ask the question when I thought it was inappropriate for council to allow drilling in the protected area that Arlington has set aside for long term environmental reasons and the fact that Mr. Parajon’s position is that it was not in line with the cities overlay blueprint for that area.
    I hope that someday when a second tier driller takes over those wells that they will adhere to the promise of the original driller.

    Email From Audubon
    Thank you for contacting Audubon International. Nancy Richardson forwarded your recent email inquiry.

    The Overcoming Faith gas well site has registered with the Audubon International Signature Program, which is a membership program that provides comprehensive environmental planning assistance to land developers. Once construction is complete, continued involvement and possible certification through the program ensures that land managers utilize sustainable resource management practices for the long-term. The initial registration fee for each member of the Signature Program is $7,000 which covers the cost of educational program materials and Audubon International staff time. Thereafter a $500 annual membership fee applies. Certification is not guaranteed and does not reflect to amount paid to Audubon International by the land developer. There are three tiers of certification that reflect the environmental performance standards achieved to protect land, water, wildlife, and other natural resources.

    Some people would say that Audubon International certifies golf courses because of the success of our golf programs. However, Audubon International does not certify golf courses just as we will not be certifying the Overcoming Faith gas well. Audubon International will be working with the land developers and managers to foster a sustainable resource management ethic that will guide the policies and practices of the gas well to benefit the surrounding land, water, and wildlife habitat. The potential Signature Program certification is for the land surrounding the gas well, but not the gas well itself.

  2. I am glad that you contacted Aududon International to learn more about its Signature Program, and pleased that you found this blog.

    What we are witnessing is greenwashing at its best.

    In regards to the three tiers of certification, I wonder how they will pass the water test. Fracing uses between 1-8 million gallons of water per well and is mixed with approximately 1% chemicals plus sand and is injected into the earth at high pressure to break up the shale formations in order to cause gas to flow. I believe that pad site is projected to have up to 20 wells. The produced water which comes up is hazardous. All of that water will never return to the ecosystem again. I would imagine they will not get a passing grade in the subject of water.

    As you know, emissions from all phases of the process are not contained on the pad site and can drift for miles. This is not only dangerous to human health but also to wildlife and vegetation.

    It is shameful to see cities across North Texas permitting heavy industrial activity right in the midst of our once residential communities.

    As I said, this is greenwashing at its best. I am afraid that if Edge gets away with this tactic it may set a precedent for others in the industry to follow suit.

  3. Congratulations! This is some progress and many thanks are due to the Fish Creek Monitor.

  4. Do not forget Arlington you have Charla Hawkes-Vinyard running in the up coming election. She is the same person who voted for this well site while it was in the planning and zoning process and I am sure she voted on many more sites. Oh, it seems like she has recently changed her treasurer guess she looked way too industry friendly with her last choice.