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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Golden Boy Rides Again

Image courtesy of Greater London Authority
May 31 is graduation day and the last day of school for AISD students.   While
neighbors celebrate this special milestone, Chesapeake will host a meeting in our community to discuss their plans for the Rocking Horse Drill Site located at South Collins and Caplin Dr.  This meeting will be held from 7-8 p.m. at the NY Ave Church of Christ, 5371 NY Ave, Arlington, TX. 

Although we expressed our conflict with this meeting date due to graduations, Chesapeake decided to move forward on additional permits for the Rocking Horse Drill Site.  A total of about a dozen wells are planned for this location.

To date, one well is quietly producing according to the postcard they mailed out to residents.  We'd like to know what they are doing over there, because the production of our minerals has been anything but quiet.

From the appearance of the plat we wonder how they will accomplish their goal since many residents did not sign a lease.   This is the plat, and the shaded areas represent unleased properties:
A Chesapeake representative indicated that they have all the necessary leases.   However, the Texas Statewide Spacing Rule states that a well may not be drilled closer than 330 feet to any unleased property.  Most likely Chesapeake will be filing a Rule 37 spacing exception with the Texas Railroad Commission.  With that in mind, check your mail carefully as you may not recognize this unofficial looking correspondence.  If you do not wish to sign, you will need to protest by filling out the form and returning it promptly.  We have individuals in the community who are able to assist with the Rule 37 process. 

If Chesapeake treated us like human beings rather than a tract number on a plat, perhaps we might like them better.  We are nothing but a mere inconvenience on top of their gas reservoir.  God help us please.


  1. Actually, even if a homeowner "chooses" to sign and wants to sign a mineral lease, it doesn't matter. Chesapeake has this real handy system for "taking" your minerals without compensation.

    It all just makes for a good "appearance" of the Due Process Clause of the 5th and 14th Amendments. But in the "spirit" of Due Process ~ it's absolutely wrong and very "vague" since the Rule 37 takes so long to fully understand for most mortal human beings who haven't been involved in the oil and gas industry.

  2. Blake Jackson, CHK communications executive told me that he would not want his children going to school close to a drill site. I guess peasant children don't count.

    Have you checked to see if there is production on that one well? Maybe the reason you haven't received a royalty check is because your royalties are insignificant. They don't mail out checks until your royalties reach $100 so most of the people who are experiencing urban drilling receive a check once a year. Wonder how many think it was worth it.

  3. Most children in Arlington either live near a drill site or attend school near one. It it unavoidable now with the build out.

    We have had significant production on our well- which, by the way, is not on the Rocking Horse Unit. However, I did notice that production significantly dropped off since February 2011.

    A friend of mine who lives in Johnson County told me he receives a $100 check every six months or so for his 1-1/2 acre lot. When the peasants find out they are not going to get rich from their minerals, there may be an angry uprising.

  4. Will refreshments be served?

  5. IT sickens me to see what they have done here!!!! In the beginning we had no idea there would be noxious, poisonous, drilling pads every other block. Not to mention how utterly unsightly they are!! What city, large or small would want this type of thing raging like cancer all over their communtity? Many many people are unhappy with this industry as it is taking over the city. I do believe they will grow to larger numbers of digruntled citizens and protest this horrific greed!

  6. So, how were the refreshments?

  7. The hospitality committee must have forgotten to bring them. Perhaps they ought to state on the next meeting notice that refreshments will be provided in order to get a larger turnout.