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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Broken Promises: Fulson Drill Site

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Notice that when the June 23, 2009 public hearing for the Fulson Gas Drill Site begins no one bothers to correct Mayor Cluck's blunder announcing Glory Park as the item being discussed.   No one is paying attention - not even the City Manager.   

Although this proposed drill site on South Highway 360 near Sublett Road is in Robert Rivera's district, notice how he doesn't even ask a single question about turning this prime piece of real estate into heavy industrial use.

Sheri Capehart, however asks good questions.  She asks Chesapeake's Public Affairs Coordinator, Sarah Griffis, how long it will be until residents receive their royalty checks.  Ms. Griffis  indicated  it would be six months to one year.  It's a good thing it's not written in stone!   That Fulson well began production in February 2011 and we still have not received royalty money.   Word has it that some lessors are just now beginning to receive division orders.    Here is a copy of  e-mail correspondence from May 10, 2012 between a Fish Creek Neighbor and Chesapeake:
Nature of Inquiry: Regarding the Fulson Well 1H Lease No. 259101 which has begun producing as of 2/16/11, has this gas been sold at market?... Why have the mineral owners not been paid royalties yet?

Thank you for contacting Chesapeake Energy. The title opinions for the Fulson unit are still not yet complete. The division orders were due to be distributed at the end of June 2011. After this date, due to the delay, we will pay interest (2% over prime) on the revenue which will be passed onto the royalty owners on their second royalty check...
Marissa Gibbs

Notice how Chesapeake is not paying the penalty on the first check.  Why not?? 

In addition, this site plan was to include evergreen trees along the east perimeter of the pad site to hide all the horrible things that would be going on in there.  They all died.

We are still waiting for those seven or eight prime tracts of land to be developed as Cliff Mycoskie mentions in his speech, but let's get real.  That's just not going to happen.  Who in their right mind would want to develop land on the back side of a gas pad?  Plus, there are gas gathering lines snaking all over the place.  More about that topic later...

Sarah Griffis states that Chesapeake has an aggressive drilling plan for that site with the first six wells being drilled within the first 15 months.  Thank God that did not happen because it was sheer torture living through three.  Many nearby residents were complaining of health issues during the drilling of the first wells, and we have good reason to believe their symptoms were directly related to Chesapeake's industrial activity taking place in such close proximity to our homes and schools.  In addition to the health effects, we heard that two neighbors downwind from that pad site died in February 2011.   

With one sweeping vote on the night of June 23, 2009 our Arlington City Council turned our community into an industrial zone.  This decision has already had serious repercussions, and  folks, it's not going to get better anytime soon.  If we only knew then what we know now...     


  1. They never mention how many acres will be covered with the gas gathering pipelines do they? Good grief.

  2. Excellent point. The gas gathering lines can be laid on someone else's property. They take what they want through eminent domain as though they were a public utility ~ which they are not. In this particular case, it snakes through undeveloped, once prime real estate. All destroyed now.

  3. At about 3:27 Mr. Mycoskie, the former City of Arlington employee who apparently acts as a liaison with all the gas operators (?), tells Councilwoman Capehart there was a "Concept Brief," done at one time on some of the tracts. (He sure knows a lot about the land use in Arlington.)

    All of it sounds like a serious endeavor. It must have some kind of mystical significance. Maybe the "concept" of turning the tracts into an industrial zone made it real "brief," too. :=(

  4. Apparently all leased homeowners will start getting a property tax bill from the county this year. No exemptions allowed on this one, and sometimes it can be greater than your royalty check.
    Shale drilling and fracking

    1. ...and when that happens, City Hall will be standing room only! I look forward to the day when the masses have an ephiphany.