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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Citizens' Concerns Fall Upon Deaf Ears

Feedback is pouring in from the June 5th Arlington, TX City Council meeting.   We would like to share one citizen's observations:

"Yes. I found out where the meeting was held at City Hall and was enlightened, as well as disappointed, by the conversation and lack of support our elected officials have for our safety. I was only able to sit through the first Chesapeake request for "Rocking Horse Drill Site", because I had to work. I wish I could have stayed for the remaining 3 resolutions for Chesapeake.

I also provided 4 cards opposing their requests until Chesapeake owns up to their existing responsibilities for Arlington. It was only when the rep from Chesapeake could not confirm that he could provide an alternate source of water to the site that affected other investor's property (not the citizens) that deferred their decision to move forward with their action.

I'd like to propose a class-action lawsuit against Chesapeake. The current practice is not working.

 It was nice to see the Arlington citizens come out and support the community against Chesapeake and hope to see you and others at the next meeting."
(e-mail from concerned southeast Arlington resident)

Here is the link from that meeting.   Scroll ahead 44 minutes to the Rocking Horse hearing.  Then scroll ahead to about one hour and 13 minutes where Mayor Cluck tells Charles Davis of Chesapeake, "You go ahead and drill 80 wells if you want to."  Wow, did anybody hear the citizens?


  1. I think the Arlington city government has sent a clear message to residents. You have 2 choices:
    1. Get used to living in a zone of extraction or
    2. get out.
    Very sad.

    1. Where are the frackers and their council member patrons going to live once they have laid waste to the city. Maybe they are planning to move to other locales like locusts.
      Shale drilling and fracking

  2. The Rocking Horse Pad site approval of Well 1H was continued to the next meeting. However, even with all the citizens voicing so many concerns, The Mayor only seemed interested in what the developer with the grievance about the frac pond had to say.

    It's also very interesting how Mayor Cluck rarely defers to the City Manager.

    The Mayor only has one vote...just like the other City Council members. But in watching the meeting, Mayor Cluck seems to rule with an iron hand.

    Click here to read more about Arlington's City Manager.

    Click here to read about the Council-Manager form of municipal governance.

    1. Thanks Westchester Neighbor for the information on how Arlington's administrative structure is supposed to work.

      Shale drilling and fracking