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Monday, June 25, 2012

Just How Temporary Are Those Frac Ponds?

Did Mayor Cluck really tell Charles Davis of Chesapeake to, "go ahead and drill 80 wells if you want to"?  {on the Rocking Horse Pad Site }  Yes, he did ~ as long as they can find a different water source because he wants them to take that frac tank [sic] out.  We can't blame the developer for wanting that frac pond removed because as long as that pond sits there, he cannot develop his property.

These ponds are temporary. 

     Definition of temporary: not permanent; a short period of time.  

So, the question is:  Who gets to define temporary?  It has been two years, and only one well out of a dozen or so have been drilled.  At this rate, the temporary frac pond will need to remain for an additional 22 years!  

(June 5, 2012 Arlington City Council Public Hearing - Rocking Horse Well)
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(We wonder what brand of gum XTO's Walter Dueease is chewing?)

Now let's talk about the water.
  Last summer ~ during the intense Texas drought when residents were asked to conserve ~ water was being transported via an elaborate pipeline highway which stretched under Interstate 20 from a mega church's pond  and reached its final destination at the I-20 JV Drill Site adjacent to Bowie High School.  Click 
here to see those photos and story from last summer.  

Whew.  It was a really hot summer!

It has come to our attention that  today, June 29th is Charles Davis' last day of employment with Chesapeake.  We would like to share his farewell letter with you:

"It is with great sadness to inform you that my last day with Chesapeake will be this Friday, June 29. Every one of you has played a vital role in my development at Chesapeake Energy and within your community. Thank you for always having an open door.

Even though my last day with Chesapeake is this week, please rest assured that you will continue to have access to information regarding the company's operations. If you or your neighbors have any questions regarding your lease, royalty payments, status of operations at a wellsite, or are just curious about future plans, our Neighbor Relations team remains ready to answer those questions. They can be reached at or by calling 817.502.5000.

Truly, I will miss you all, and thankful to our digital world we are only an e-mail.[sic] So as I hang my Chesapeake hat on the door, I would like to say "ciao" for now. I am sure our paths will cross again, and I will forever remain appreciative for our business relationship."

Charles Davis


  1. Once you are fracked, there's no goin' back.

  2. Once a well is drilled and fracked, it is permanent - forever. However, it is important that the build out of wells be stopped immediately. The Rocking Horse site has one producing well. Do we want 11 more? That would substantially increase the risk for harm to humans, animals, the land, air, and water. There is nothing safe about this method of gas extraction, and it should not be done anywhere near homes or schools.

    1. 11 Wells? What about the 80 wells that Mayor Cluck mentions in that video clip? Was he just kidding??

  3. The frack pond is probably about as temporary as the "temporary frack tanks" at Argyle Central Facility in Argyle. They have been there for several years now polluting and sickening the neighbors.

    Cluck needs to face the fact that he opened the doors and allowed the mafia into his town. It's like signing a deal with the devil, you can never be free.

  4. That mayor has given the gas companies everything (and then some)and couldn't get them to agree to one request...suppose Cluck is beginning to see the light? Nah... it's too late I guess to admit you've sold your city out. Sad!

  5. Frack ponds where named Fresh Water Fracken ponds in FW after we complained that they be certain they never contain chemicals. Just Fresh Water. Must be fenced. Temporary? The pond can not permanently hold water. ( stagnant Mosquito pits ) temporary ? Most still exist in Fort Worth are now empty because they do not have water in them and have gone dry due to down swing in drilling activity. Temporary Fort Worth never addressed the temporary part in our Ordinance. or time table for reclamation either. Yes another short fall. In fact final land reclamation may not have to occur until final operations or well site abandonment. Then Good Luck to us IF the transfer of ownership / responsibility of site is not maintained. My guess is cities will face an enforcement nightmare costly litigation at the end of this stupid road we pursued in greed. All the debts will come due someday with not enough funds to cover it. Hello Tax payer. Was it worth signing those leases. I hear again and again NOT. As I said we have already entered into "the years of buyers remorse "

    1. Gary, I wondered where the "fresh water" frac pond terminology had come from...since it was stressed to our group over and over back in the summer of 2010 when we first revved up to try and understand what was going on. It was like jumping on a runaway train. Damaged land for sure. Yes. A nightmare forever. :-(

      In case anyone missed the Fishcreek Monitor's earlier story about it:

      Damaged Land

  6. Fishcreek Monitor: Isn't there an update on this story??

  7. Isn't there an update on this story, Fishcreek Monitor??

  8. It is currently being drained and filled in for future development. See: