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Friday, August 3, 2012

Fannin Farms...e-i-e-i-Oh...

What images come to mind when you hear the words Fannin Farms?  Do you picture  green rolling pastures, fields of strawberries, apple orchards, organic vegetables, or milking cows grazing alongside a quaint red barn? 

The Fannin Farms shown here is not a farm at all.  It is one of three leaseholds at a heavy industrial shale gas mining site located in  the heart of Arlington, Texas, USA.   It does not give off the scent of fresh apples, but it does smell like rotton eggs (at least when we visited) which might be due to the presence of  
hydrogen sulfide, a dangerous gas.

Entrance to Fannin Farms Gas Drill Site Operated by Carrizo 7/30/12
Although Fannin Farms is one of three leaseholds at this site, 
the actual site name is Matlock Thornton. 
With so many drill sites, it gets very confusing!

The Shale gas boom brings to the community a variety of jobs involving travel and the great outdoors.  Hopefully, the triple digit temperatures will soon subside.   It's blazing hot outside!

Workover Rig  (Hopefully they won't encounter this problem.)
Glance to the left and see how close those homes are.

Safety First!

As we said ~ no strawberry fields or apple orchards here.

Looks like a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  With all the confirmed West Nile cases across the metroplex this summer, we certainly don't want this public health threat in our city.

Some graffiti by local artists.  Appears to have a copyright.

Undeveloped land adjacent to this Drill Site.  Seems to be a City Wide problem.


  1. Geez. Who wouldn't want to move to Arlington?

  2. It's hard to imagine any mosquito not wanting to live and breed in Arlington, TX! With how many? about 55 drilling sites around town, it sure looks like their kind of town.

    Looks as if Neighborhood Graffiti Artists are welcome, too!