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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hydrochloric Acid Cloud Forces Texas City Residents in Lock Down

BREAKING:  Last night while we were sleeping, thousands of Texas City residents were placed in lock down mode due to a release of hydrochloric acid which formed a huge chemical cloud over neighborhoods.  Several people were hospitalized.  This chemical release occurred from a leak at a plant in southeast Texas.  

Since these types of chemical releases are becoming more commonplace, we must petition the EPA to demand public reporting of these chemicals.

Hydrochloric acid is one of the main ingredients used in fracking fluids.  It is highly corrosive and exposure can damage respiratory organs, eyes, skin, and intestines.  

As Arlington, TX now has over 55 gas drill sites within its 99 square miles of area,  we must have lots of hydrochloric acid around for all the frac jobs.  We have certainly been experiencing our share of releases, and with further industrialization should expect many more.  God help us, please.

Welcome to Gasland.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Do Not Sign This Mineral Lease!

Chesapeake is drilling to a fault.   This time they are sending new gas leases in the mail to property owners near Fielder Road to Oakwood Lane and Sanford Street to Pecan Park Drive.  

Area surrounding Royal Arch Drill Site located in Arlington, TX

They are offering $220 for a five year lease, and royalty payments of 22% for the life of the well.  Five years ago they paid $4,400+ for a three year lease, and 25% royalty.

It's not just the money Arlington, TX residents are concerned about.  In addition to public health concerns, people are nervous about the prospect of drilling near a possible fault line in the area.  Here are a few comments from concerned citizens:

"Chesapeake's excuse at the time for not renewing the leases west of the center line of Del Mar Lane was: The shale is too soft to drill, and not profitable to do so, and there is a fault line that makes it difficult to drill."
"I wish folks would consider that aside from the $$, this could also be a serious health threat. Any amount they pay is not worth the adverse affects it could have on your health and of the youth in this area's health. I hope everyone has done their research."
"Thanks.  I didn't know CHK was back at it.   I'm about a mile from that area.   I am very near a fault.   Just west of Randol Mill there is a good sized fault that runs along the west side of the park.. At least that is what I have heard from a variety of people.   Arlington has a number of faults.   I've been told they generally run from the south end of DFW airport diagonally toward Lake Arlington.   Please keep me informed if you hear anything else."

Click Here for an article on man-made earthquakes occurring in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Southeast Arlington residents are feeling tremors too.
It's just not worth the risk.  

Friday, October 12, 2012

Going, Going, Gone

Let's Paint the Town Red ~ no need to attend the Arlington, TX City Council Meeting on Tuesday, October 16th.   Chesapeake's request to drill an additional gas well at the Rocking Horse Site located at 4945 South Collins Street is on hold ~ at least until December.  Stay tuned...

It was so gracious of Chesapeake to settle with Mr. Thursby over their year-and-a-half-long dispute regarding the length of time that temporary frac pond would be allowed to remain.   Although the contractual agreement specified continuous drilling, Chesapeake only drilled one out of approximately 11 wells in three years.  That land where the pond currently sits is being released back  to its rightful owner.  


Chesapeake is draining the moat-like frac pond which is soon to be filled with earth.   Clients are interested in developing that land, and the process could begin in as little as 60 days.  The property is proposed to house medical offices. 

Thank you, Lovell, Lovell, Newsom & Isern, L.L.P. for successfully helping your client and our community.