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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Made in Taiwan

Big Gas Industry's mission is to convince us that,  "they are doing things the right way."    They also claim that shale gas boosts the economy by creating many jobs.   So when we noticed a lot of gas gathering pipelines laying out near the intersection of Highway 360 South and Camp Wisdom Road by the Grand Prairie/Arlington, Texas border, we decided to take a closer look.  Upon  inspection, we discovered that these pipelines are not being manufactured in the USA, but rather, Taiwan.  

Others were made in Korea.

We did not see any that were Made in the USA.  We just hope the integrity of these pipelines hold since UNodorized natural gas will be transported through our North Texas suburban communities.  Guess we'll just have to say some extra Hail Marys and keep our fingers crossed.

Oh, and one more thing, would you guys please call this what it is?  

It is GAS PIPELINE Construction. 

It's happening all over North Texas.  Check out this recent story, What Runs Beneath in the Fort Worth Weekly.

Remember to click on the hyperlinks, and, Oh, you may want to take out your rosary beads.


  1. Andree (the serene geologist) AND mother seems to be in a trance (the Youtube linked to). Always interesting to see how the industry promotes fossil fuel extraction as nothing like what it really is ~ ugly, dirty and dangerous. We need to be wide awake and alert to understand what's going on ~ not continuously lulled to sleep by the industry's soothing sweet talk.

  2. Click here for the earlier Gas Gathering Pipeline and Transmission Pipeline saga that is coming to fruition right now along the Camp Wisdom corridor between Grand Prairie and Arlington, TX.

    Thank you for these pictures and this story.