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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Howdy, Boots Smith

Boots Smith Oilfield Services, LLC is currently boring under our city streets installing miles of gas gathering pipelines which transport  UNodorized natural gas through our communities.   Notice how the shale gas industry has turned our middle-class suburbia into war-torn looking zones.   After these contractors leave, most people won't see or perceive the danger flowing just beneath the surface past  homes, schools, and parks.

This tanker truck driver seems to have taken water from a black-bagged fire hydrant yesterday on Harwood Road near Sublett Avenue in Arlington, Texas.   Thankfully, one of our concerned citizens had a camera handy to snap this photo.  Our City's Utilities Dispatcher did confirm with our Public Works Inspector that this hydrant was not allowed to be used.   Seems these guys don't know how to follow rules.  Notice that his tanker truck is on the wrong side of the road. 

Let's hope he used a meter with a city approved backflow protector device according to ordinance 11-018 section 2.08.   God help us.


  1. This is another undisclosed step in the infrastructure required to produce this filthy fossil fuel.

    1. People really do need to take back flow prevention more seriously. We take for granted that we have clean potable water in this country but one small backflow disaster and if you will pardon the expression, our clean water is down the drain.

  2. Twas a problem back in 2009 too. A city dispatch water worker claimed that theivery from fire hydrants happen all the time........what we need to know about Boots is if they were using a sales meter that has the protection device to prevent backflow contamination into our drinking water..please come forward and let us know, thanks.

    1. This Mississippi-based Boots Smith Oilfield Services group made a huge mess over on Camp Wisdom Road at their Boring Operation ~ since they set up operations sometime in October last year.

      It's scary to think what they may have already done to our groundwater around the southwest Grand Prairie and southeast Arlington areas. (There are water wells near Matthew Road and not far from another of their operations on Matthew Road)

      Grand Prairie "officially" told us they could do nothing about this mess since this all falls under "Public Utility" in our state laws.

      Meaning: They won't write any ordinances to protect us from this environmental and property value disaster.

      So, drilling mud laced with bentonite and surfactants spread out over an area near homes, a soccer field and a church, anti-freeze dripping to the ground, water left standing in a 30-35 foot hole covered up with broken old boards...these should all be crimes.

      We filed a Complaint with the Railroad Commission of TX on December 5, 2012. That got a fence constructed (the next day) with gaps that you can drive a MAC truck through. We think we saw that truck driving through it soon after.

      God.Help.Us. And God.Help.Texas. Amen.

  3. Don't we have any oilfield service companies in TX that can conduct Pipeline BORING operations in our neighborhoods?? Maybe that way we would feel more comfortable inviting them over for coffee.

    Pipelines from Korea and Taiwan and now Pipeline BORING from a Mississippi Crew that is roaming around hooking up to our fire hydrants?

    We need a "You Won't Believe What I Just Saw" Hotline. This is getting worse by the day.

  4. Good catch and great reporting, Fish Creek Neighbor!

    Westchester Neighbor, to answer your question (which was no doubt rhetorical, as you are also well-informed on these topics):

    Quite an extensive list:

    1. Yes. Rhetorical. :-) Thanks for the link to TX service companies. Lovely.

      TX BORING, etc. Companies