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Monday, January 14, 2013


What's wrong with this picture?  

This child care facility sits 359 feet from the Rocking Horse Drill Site in Arlington, Texas.  Our City ordinance requires drill zones to be set back 600 feet.   ALL equipment - produced water tanks, separators, compressors, etc. should be included in this measurement, but they are not because when industry helps write the very ordinances which are intended to protect the public, many exemptions and loopholes  get created.  

Look  how close these UNodorized gas gathering pipelines are to this child care facility:

Childcare Network
1400 Caplin Drive, Arlington, Texas 
359 feet from the Rocking Horse Drill Site  

This is why it is so important to remember history:

Rumor has it that gas drilling is not good for business either.  There used to be another day care facility directly across the street from this one.  It closed around six months ago.  That building is vacant now, a common trend around the gas patch.  

We've spoken with lots of parents who say they are fearful of their children being near gas drill sites.  Many fracking chemicals contain  known carcinogens and many are endocrine system disrupters.  Children are more vulnerable than adults to these environmental toxins because they eat, drink, and breathe more than adults on a pound for pound basis. 

We don't think gas drilling  should be anywhere near children.  

Some things are just IMMORAL.  

To read more history about the Rocking Horse Drill Site, click Here.


  1. They have every right to be fearful. Despite evacuations in Lewisville yesterday, one homeowner died from injuries received when his low income Christian Community Action funded housing exploded when Texas New Mexico Power were drilling to place a new power pole after having the Atmos gas line located. This story is easily found all over the news. This was odorized gas.

  2. It does not matter that 'they' are sick and cannot get you the FOI. It is the law and it is the departments responsibility to find someone to give you the records in a timely matter. If they do NOT you can call the Attorney General and let him know of the situation. If you mention this to Arlington you will be surprised how fast your request becomes ready to pick up.