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Friday, June 21, 2013

It's a Blast!

Signage posted at XTO's Sue Barnett Drill Site 
  1901 Southeast Parkway, Arlington, TX
This site is located in close proximity to several schools, homes, and businesses.

Look at the dangerously close proximity of this horse barn to the drill site.  Yes, there are farm animals living here!  It is wishful thinking to believe that our City ordinances are strong enough to protect people, animals, and vegetation from the harmful effects of gas drilling.  Even these trees appear stressed. 

We think the guard sits here during the 'perfing' process.  
Yes, explosives ARE detonated under homes.  
This is something the landman forgot to mention.

Perforating Gun Surface Detonation Video 

Workers load the perfing guns on the surface, but accidents can occur.
This is why cell phone use, including On-Star, is prohibited near this work area.  It can set off a charge with disastrous consequences.

For more on perfing, see TX Sharon's:
 "Hauling Fracking Explosives Through our Streets."


  1. Look at the industry response (in the comments) to the discovery of PERF Guns on roads in Colorado. They think it's humorous.

    Click Here to Read the Story

    1. Thank you for that story. It is no laughing matter. Not long ago two oilfield workers in Texas were critically injured when a perf gun exploded.

      Here is the link to that story:

  2. Try doing a google search for "perf guns depleted uranium" and see what you find.

    1. An example of the Material Safety Data Sheet for a PERF gun is filled with skulls and crossbones. The more we know, the more we don't want to know. It's insane.