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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Open House: Chesapeake's Greenman Gas Drill Site

Open House
Chesapeake's Greenman Gas Drill Site 
____________________________________________  This information came from a community newsletter: 
Gas Lease Information
Meeting Regarding the Greenman6H Well
This information pertains only to those neighbors in the area north of I-30, west of Fielder, with Green Oaks to the west and north.

Greenman Pad Site Open House
Thursday, August 15 from 6:00-7:30 pm
New World United Methodist Church
2201 N. Davis,
Arlington, TX
To discuss the recently completed pipeline connection near your neighborhood and the economic benefits of the natural gads production it enables. [bla, bla, bla...] Additionallly, we will answer questions about activity on the Greenman site and the next steps in the process to begin receiving royalties.  [bla, bla, bla...]  Please RSVP by email to BarnettShale
  $$$$$ It's still about the money. $$$$$
Residents might want to Ask Chesapeake to explain how they calculate royalties.  Or better yet, visit these links: 
Royalty Payments and Other Ways Fracking Screws Us
Arlington Sues Chesapeake Exploration Over Unpaid Royalties
Unfair Share:  How Oil and Gas Drillers Avoid Paying Royalties 
We spoke with the Railroad Commission of Texas this week, and they informed us that the Greenman 6H well is temporarily abandoned.   This well needs to be either:  1) plugged; or 2) brought into production.  The latest records on their website indicate that the Greenman well (API # 439-35740) is an "unperfed completion."   Perhaps they plan to discuss "Perfing" at the meeting.   To date, we have not heard them explain this process.  We've love to hear all about it.  


  1. Interesting that the Site stipulations for the Greenman site require the use of electric rigs, yet for others in town, anything goes. Gas drilling should have no place in neighborhoods, but if the city allows it, electric rigs should be mandatory.

  2. Just saw that this is an Open House! But with an RSVP. My, my. Very formal. Wear your top hat and tails!