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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Pipeline Runs Through It

On September 16, 2013 the Fort Worth Star Telegram reports:
"Eden Village, north of Eden Road and west of U.S. Highway 287, is to feature homes from $250,000 up, as well as green spaces and such amenities as walking trails and a dog-friendly park, designed to complement the nearby golf course."

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Now take a look at this letter from Summit Midstream:

We wonder if these are the free amenities that come with the purchase of one of these homes ~ a natural gas pipeline transporting UN-Odorized gas through the community and gas drilling (heavy industrial mining operation) 700 feet away.  Maybe they have a frac pond stocked with fish and ducks too!  Will the buyers own the minerals, or did the developer retain these?   Looks like greenwashing from this view.


  1. While wading through 450 pages of city council agenda details, we noticed that this particular letter from Summit was totally illegible. We asked for a clear, readable copy.

  2. Wonder what that "criteria" is (last sentence in that first paragraph). Sounds like this may be a home developer and the pipeline company getting into a disagreement if not now then later.

    Why would any city engineer grant this kind of encroachment? Lost in gasland has never been so vividly represented.

    1. Seems one big problem with all of this is that the City did not require the Gas Industry to disclose exactly where all these pipelines would need to go. Who builds a project without the blueprints?? During the courting stage of signing bonuses, everyone had dollar signs in their eyes. Now the honeymoon is over. Gas drilling in residential neighborhoods is like living with an abusive spouse. Clearly, it's time for a divorce. M.O.R.A.T.O.R.I.U.M.