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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We Overcame

Overcoming Faith Drill Site

If you will recall from the February 21 Arlington, TX Council Meeting, three councilwomen voted in unison against the ordinance change for the Overcoming Faith Drill Site.  The vote was 4-3.  Despite the fact that they did not have a 3/4 super majority vote, that item appeared on the March 6 consent agenda.  Here is the city's web page defining the meeting process:

During the March 6 council meeting Councilman Robert Shepard motioned to remove and table SUP 11-13 Overcoming Faith Drill Site from the consent agenda.  That was a wise thing to do since this remains a controversial issue.

Fire Department's Operational Permit Fee

Mayor Cluck reported that last Friday's meeting with the drillers was unpleasant.  There was tension in the room, a feeling of distrust, and some were bordering on disrespect towards the Fire Chief.  He stated that the drillers would be happy with it off the consent agenda and into the trash.  The City also received a letter from the Chamber of Commerce stating that they were not in favor of these fees. The Mayor said he was willing to have another meeting with the same people in two weeks.

Something changed his mind, however, between the afternoon and evening meeting, because this consent agenda item was unanimously approved.  We appreciate his stand of courage to do what is in the best interest of public safety despite industry pressure and opposition.

Several speakers were in favor of putting this plan into motion without delay due to the catastrophic nature of heavy industrial mining in densely populated areas.

Jim Tidwell, a retired firefighter, and currently a consultant representing Chesapeake, blew it when he went to the mic.  He stated to the council that, "this could become more adversarial than is necessary."  The Mayor seemed to have perceived his statement as a threat.  Bad move.  Where was Laura Patton?

For those who missed the meetings, the evening session may be viewed by clicking HERE, and the afternoon session may be viewed HERE.

Thank you Arlington City Council.


  1. Very nice report. Thank you. There are times when the stars do line up. And they certainly did last evening in Arlington, TX.

    1. Thank you Westchester Neighbor. It was nice to see the underdogs win for a change. Perhaps this is the beginning of a turning point in Arlington. It may be that City leaders now understand the dangerous nature of industrial gas mining in populated areas.

    2. Thanks for the report. Glad that Mayor Cluck was offended by Tidwell's remark, and even more delighted that the fire dept. fee was approved. Badly needed fund for a FD that now has to be prepared to respond to drilling related accidents, leaks, and more.

  2. Isn't it shameful how the gas & oil industry is more concerned about the bottom line rather than human lives.

  3. Sincere thanks to Don Crowson for his strength through all of this.