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Sunday, December 16, 2012

More Code Violations at an Arlington, TX Gas Drill Site

We think the trees are dead. 

A City of Arlington employee (formerly with TCEQ) went out to the Fulson Drill Site operated by Chesapeake to inspect a complaint about the dead trees which were planted in the brutal heat of July.  Here is the e-mail dated Friday, November 30, 2012 of her findings:

From: "Jessica Minley" <>
To: "Brian Sample" <>
Subject: Complaint

Hello Brian,

To address the tree aesthetics complaint, I found that there is a mixture of living and dead trees on the Fulson site. As it is not planting season, the trees have been noted as an area of concern to be addressed during the appropriate season. Also, the trees are upright and blend aesthetically with the surroundings (fall season). Please contact me with any further questions or concerns. Find attached a picture of a living tree on the site.

Thank you
We wonder if the City worker removed her blinders before conducting the investigation.  Did she note this breach??  This is not the first time we have had  gaps in these walls at this Chesapeake drill site. 

We really appreciate the ongoing  partnership between the City of Arlington and Chesapeake in keeping our communities safe.  Thank you.

(Click HERE to view the City's link of the Gas Drilling Ordinance.  For fencing requirements, scroll down to pages 39 and 40.) 


  1. A kid could crawl under there ....darn those urban drill sites....more masses of people avail to frack with them.

  2. The City might be in a better position if they eliminate the gas well coordinator staff and let the citizens find and report violations. Seems we are the only ones doing that anyway. The company should be fined for each violation, and the City could pay the citizen a percentage of what's recovered and put another percentage into a rainy day fund. We already have a program called "CrimeStoppers." This one could be called "Making Neighborhoods Safe: Stop Corporate Polluters."

  3. But it was never supposed to be like this!! It was going to be far away and "quietly" producing gas.

    It was Not even ZONED as Industrial Activity in our City Limits...even though after seeing it up close and real personal, it's clearly HEAVY, industrial activity in our backyards and at the entrances to our neighborhoods.

    Wow. They've certainly been successful at getting it done. Lush, beautiful trees surrounding this heavy, industrial activity?? This is a really, bad gig for our trees. :=(