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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gaping Fracking Loopholes Usher in Reckless New Development

How close is too close?  How about 40 feet downwind?  That is the approximate distance between this newly constructed office building to an existing Chesapeake operated drill site in Arlington, Texas.   How did the developer manage to get this done when the City's gas drilling ordinance mandates a setback distance of 600 feet from the drill zone to a protected use, unless of course a waiver is obtained which happens quite frequently?  We have learned that not only in Arlington, but also in adjacent cities, that this rule applies only for existing housing developments, hospitals, schools, daycare facilities, etc.  Apparently, most Texas municipalities believe that the "Rights" of a private property owner supersede the health and safety of those individuals who will be faced with living, going to work or conducting business near these locations.  

Newly constructed medical office building adjacent to the Rocking Horse Gas Drill Site located near the intersection of South Collins Street  and Caplin Drive in Arlington, TX.

This Moat-like frac pond used to be where the newly constructed medical office building is now located.  We hope they tamped down the soil well enough.  Arlington's Mayor and the developer wanted Chesapeake to remove the frac pond in order to develop that land.  Click here to see that Epic City Council  meeting where Mayor Cluck tells Charles Davis of Chesapeake that they can drill 80 wells there if they want to.  (Mr. Davis is no longer employed by Chesapeake.)

From the side door to the retaining wall we counted 25 footsteps which equates to roughly 21 feet!  We did not measure the additional few feet from the edge of the wall to the edge of the padside, but it appears to be less than 20 feet. 

  • A 600 foot setback is far from being protective; however, if this setback applies to existing developments, it should also apply for future ones.  Otherwise, we just have another gaping loophole big enough for a Mack truck to drive through.  Just because something is legal doesn't make it morally right.  Where are all the right-wing Christian legislators when we need them most?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pipeline Explosion in Ellis County, Texas

Dear City of Arlington,

The shale gas industry repeatedly tells us about their excellent safety record.  We've never believed them.  We don't think gas drilling in residential neighborhoods is safe.

May we please get a Moratorium now?

Fish Creek Neighbor 

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