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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho, and a Lump of Coal

One of our community bloggers gave us the most thoughtful Christmas present.  Why, it's just what we need - a reminder of another dirty fossil fuel.  We think this one should be re-gifted and presented to all  the men and women in the shale gas industry who have been working so industriously in our community this year.

For some highlights from 2012, click here, and here, and here.

Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Industrial Terrorism - Our Children's Future?

Dropping off your child to school and seeing a gas drilling rig in the backdrop will make any parent's heart sink - particularly for those who know what we know.  

We recently listened to Dr. Theo Colborn, Environmental Health Analyst,  read a letter she wrote to President Obama about how chemicals in our environment affect our children's health.  Some of  these chemicals are by-products of the fossil fuel industry. 

Click Here to listen to Dr. Colborn's letter to the President.  In this video she states that her college-aged grandson sums it up well by noting that "this is nothing more than industrial terrorism in the womb."
So we must ask the question:  Why is this XTO gas drill site sandwiched between an elementary school and a community college and in very close proximity to several other public schools including two junior highs? 

Look inside the red circle.
The purple marker represents the location of the Sue Barnett Gas Drill Site.
The blue marker to its immediate left is Beckham Elementary School.
The blue marker to its immediate right is Tarrant County Junior College.
Blue marker #1 is Barnett Junior High School (remember the Barnett Sinkhole?)
O.K., you get the rest...

Sue Barnett Gas Drill Site located at 1901 S.E. Parkway, Arlington, TX
Operator:  XTO Energy 
December 19, 2012

  Environmental catastrophe in the making 12/19/12

Shale Gas operators have taken over Arlington, yet our City won't zone these sites as 'Industrial.'

   Y'all come back.

Office space available.  Seems to be a trend around here.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

More Code Violations at an Arlington, TX Gas Drill Site

We think the trees are dead. 

A City of Arlington employee (formerly with TCEQ) went out to the Fulson Drill Site operated by Chesapeake to inspect a complaint about the dead trees which were planted in the brutal heat of July.  Here is the e-mail dated Friday, November 30, 2012 of her findings:

From: "Jessica Minley" <>
To: "Brian Sample" <>
Subject: Complaint

Hello Brian,

To address the tree aesthetics complaint, I found that there is a mixture of living and dead trees on the Fulson site. As it is not planting season, the trees have been noted as an area of concern to be addressed during the appropriate season. Also, the trees are upright and blend aesthetically with the surroundings (fall season). Please contact me with any further questions or concerns. Find attached a picture of a living tree on the site.

Thank you
We wonder if the City worker removed her blinders before conducting the investigation.  Did she note this breach??  This is not the first time we have had  gaps in these walls at this Chesapeake drill site. 

We really appreciate the ongoing  partnership between the City of Arlington and Chesapeake in keeping our communities safe.  Thank you.

(Click HERE to view the City's link of the Gas Drilling Ordinance.  For fencing requirements, scroll down to pages 39 and 40.) 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Who's Railroading Whom?

The Railroad Commission of Texas inspected our sinkhole at Barnett Junior High.  They sent Mr. Smith, Engineering Technician III, from their Kilgore office.  It's a shame they do not have a local office in our area.  They really need one.

His inspection report included a brief conversation with Javier, an Arlington Independent School District crew worker.  We think Javier was the one carrying the shovel.  After Mr. Smith witnessed Javier patching up this ground collapse at the school's driveway entrance, he popped over to the West Wing Unit of the Fulson Drill Site where he noted that nothing unusual was taking place.   Wait... looks like he forgot to mention all that drilling, fracking, and perfing  under homes and under that sinkhole in 2009.  

We would like to know why the Railroad Commission does not have any ethical or moral obligation to make sure that Javier was remediating this sinkhole correctly.  We are pretty sure there is a certain way this must be done or else it could collapse again and be even larger next time.  Much Larger.

We called a sinkhole remediation expert, and they DO NOT recommend shoveling dirt in the void and patching it with concrete because this, potentially, could happen:

 Click Here for full story.
Is the Railroad Commission of Texas regulating the Oil & Gas industry or they enabling the industry to railroad us?

What can you do to change the status quo?   Contact your Representative about how our State Regulators are failing to protect citizens living in Shale Gas Extraction zones.  Click Here to see who represents you.

We encourage you to continue emailing us at if you have questions or if you have sustained property damage after drilling began in your community.  Include location and photos, please.

For the time being...all you need to know is the hole has been covered up, and all is well in the Gas Patch.